About J.L. Brasher Company

The family business was founded in 1958 by Mr. J.L. (Jim) Brasher. Jim operated as a “lone wolf” until January 1973 when he hired his son-in-law as his outside salesman. In August 1979, Kathy joined the company as inside sales and office manager. Jim retired in 1982 leaving the operation of the company with Lee and Kathy. In 2005, their daughter Jennifer came to work with them as an outside salesperson, covering the the western North Carolina territory. Jason Hudson joined us in 2019 and is based in Wilmington, N.C. With more than 20 years experience in the rep industry,

Jason’s territory covers eastern N.C..

The Brasher Company is proud to state that we have represented Woodford Manufacturing since the company’s inception. We also represent Watco Manufacturing, CTS Flange, Union Brass, UltraFlo, Metpar Corporation and Pasco. We now warehouse many of Woodford’s commercial products and CTS copper companion flanges for quick shipment to our customers in North Carolina. With 58 years of expertise as a manufacturer’s representative, our philosophy is and always will be to represent our companies with integrity and excellence; always going the extra mile for our customers!